Kijana Tashiri Askari (KTA) is a prolific political writer, and he has had his writings published in amongst others:

From Tashiri’s old website, which is no longer active:

The Struggle Continues

My name is “Tashiri,” a New Afrikan Black political prisoner. I am also the founder/coordinator of of Thestrugglecontinues web page. The purpose and objective of Thestrugglecontinues web page is to serve as a information/communication station for Black people, and the masses of all oppressed people throughout the world abroad.
The various writings, initiatives and proposals that will be high lighted on The strugglecontinues web page, have all been developed through our Black culture and the ideological principals of the New Afrikan Revolutionary Nationalism (N.A.R.N). Which is essentially an ideological tool that is designed to redeem/reclaim the people’s mind from our oppressor, through the rebuilding of our new afrikan black communities via the social principals of communal – cooperative work.

We, as Black people is at a pivotal point in our historical and ideological development. In essence, we are confronted with a social crisis, in which we must now wage struggle in order to redefine our existence and position in today’s society, so that we are able to effectively combat the many social ills that currently plague our black communities. While also neutralizing the bankrupt stereotypes that bourgeois amerikkka has imposed upon us, in order to justify the sub standard culture and way of life that they have regulated on us through the constant depiction/portrayal of us as being sub humans in a powerless position.

Thestrugglecontinues web page is also here to inform the public, that our struggle for black liberation still exist from behind these walls and it is about time for those black people out in Babylon, who proclaim to be a part of the struggle for black liberation to make contact with us New Afrikan Black political prisoners, who have remained active in the struggle, from behind these walls since it’s on set. Because the struggle for black liberation did not end with untimely murders of the beautiful and courageous black leaders, such as; Comrade George Jackson, W.L. Nolen, William Christmas, Alvin “Sweet Jugs” Miller, Cleveland Edwards, and a countless of many. My people, we are still here and have not given up.

For more information about what you have seen or read on this web page, you may email me at: Tashiri@gmail.com and I will do my best to get back to you in a timely manor.
All power to the people!
Tashiri | © Marcus Harrison 2007
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