The Social Manifestations of Racism

When is racism, actually racism? The statement breathes forth the necessity to engage in a concrete analogy to facilitate a quantitative negation, into much needed qualitative synthesis, that will redefine the stereotypical generalizations of racism, as define by the general consensus, as oppose to the concrete circumstances that actually perpetuates the culture of racism.
Racism at it’s origin of existence, is an internal thought process. But once this internal thought process consistently nurtured by the individual, it then takes on the external manifestations of an institution. This institution of racism is then solidified into a material reality, by those individuals whom has embrace this internal transitory thought process, into their daily social practices, which complements this ideological transformation that they have consciously made. There is no better of an example of this, then the institutionalize racist practices, that we New Afrikan Prisoners in these concrete tombs is expose to on a day to day basis by our kaptors.
The administratives’ here at Pelican Bay State Prison, have instituted a social practice, which is discriminatory/racist within its ideological application. Our kaptors have for years on end now, stressed a need to maintain “Racial Balance”, as it relates to every racial nationality that is being held kaptive in Pelican Bay State Prison, in particular, in the Security Housing Unit (i.e. “individual pod’s, Housing Units and Administrative positions). But it has been consistently revealed over the years, that this social practice of marinating “Racial Balance” has been inconsistent, and contradictive to the equal protection clause of the (un) Untied States Constitution, 14th Amendment, that we prisoners of New Afrikan descent is supposedly protected by.
As the truth of the matter is, “Racial Balance” has become synonymous with, regulating the Housing Arrangements of New Afrikan Prisoners, via a bias number quota. As the same emphasis of “Racial Balance”, is not advocated to other racial nationalities, in the same extreme.
When it comes to our kaptors attempting to regulate racial distinctions that would presumably constitute a “Racial Balance”, we New Afrikan Prisoners are not afforded the same relief in racial distinctions, as applied to other Racial Nationalities. Example: When it comes to New Afrikan Prisoners, it is considered to be too many New Afrikan Prisoners housed in a particular housing arrangement, regardless of the tribal variants that formulate the nation of New Afrikan Prisoners as a whole. But when it comes to Mexican prisoners, our kaptors is emphatic, in making the necessary Racial distinctions, by basing their number quota on; “One group of Mexicans being “Southern Mexicans”, and the other group being “Northern Mexicans”. So how can an individual talk about “Racial Balance”, when a conscious decision is being made by our kaptors, to implement this racist interpretation through a clouded lens of dogmatic subjectivity? To our kaptors, they truly see nothing wrong with these racist practices and insist on maintaining a constant, of what can be deemed; “Business as Usual”, as they review this standard of life as a mirror image of what is suppose to be a standard for normalcy.
The lack of diplomacy applied to “Racial Balance” in housing individuals of New Afrikan descent, is beyond the preferred denotation of being totally absurd. The situation is constantly frowned upon, at the mere mention/suggestion of a fellow New Afrikan Prisoner, whom has decided to want to be housed in a section with people of his racial nationality. Negative/denigratory stereotype are immediately employed, in order to prevent such moves from gaining any kind of momentum, and to further harness the death grip of social injustice around our necks! This is done, by this fascist regime isolating us New Afrikan Prisoners into further isolation and forcing us to exist in a cesspool, where rhetoric/chaos is frontline topic of backward ideas, self hate and savagery. It becomes vestige of contradiction, because regardless of the so-called concerned efforts that out kaptors attempt to make, in rectifying this diabolical social practice, the overall result remains to be arbitrary, and persecutive, as it relates to New Afrikan Prisoners i.e. “Racially discriminatory”.
© Marcus Harrison 2007
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