New Afrikan Prisoners: Anti-Alcohol Campaign

New Afrikan Prisoners: Anti-Alcohol Campaign

ALCOHOL FACT: Nearly 3,000 people were killed on 9/11/01, but deadlier than terrorism is alcohol (abuse). On 4/22/02, Time Magazine reported that 1,400 U.S. college students are estimated to have died from alcohol related accidents, and 79,000 sex assaults/date rapes are attributed to campus drinking each year. Now these statistics are only reflective of college campuses, and not society at large. Just imagine what the numbers would be as a whole. How many people are in prison because of alcohol blackouts, and violent acts caused by it? Anyone you know? THINK ABOUT IT!

The sole purpose of this initiative is to spark a much needed flame under a present dilemma, that desperately needs addressing and brought to the forefront to be revealed as “THE GENOCIDAL PLAGUE” that is: ALCOHOL ABUSE! Alcohol abuse within the New Afrikan Communities (communities in general) has become a prevalent plague in serving as an insidious tool of destruction, in suffocating the fundamental development of the New Afrikan Communities as a whole, but in particular, today’s youth… OUR FUTURE!

Alcohol abuse, within the New Afrikan Communities (communities in general) is on an unprecedented climb, and is becoming a permanent fixture within our communities’ day to day endeavors. As insignia so to speak. As today’s youth begin to embrace the usage of alcohol, as a means of escaping their present realities to compensate for their state of poverty for feeling neglected, or because they want to fit in with the so-called “IN CROWD,” giving them the illusion of feeling cool, wanted, and on more occasions then not —just wanting to be loved.

Alcohol abuse has several critical detriments that serves as a virus in trickling down into the domestic core of our New Afrikan Communities (communities in general). The effects range from crimes committed by our youth in our communities, to the centralized deterioration of the New Afrikan Family Structure (family structures in general), irresponsible conduct, as well as serious/fatal health factors, that sometimes can lead to death/loss of a fellow family member, loved one, or dear friend.

I know that the following question is being posed: “Who am I to take a critical position on an issue that dramatically affects our New Afrikan Communities (communities in general), but actually who am I not to?!” For I am a first hand victim of alcohol abuse. It was alcohol abuse that caused me to act irresponsibly, and practically came close to taking another human being’s life precious life (next breath); it was alcohol abuse that facilitated the paralysis of my senses and caused me to think without clarity; it was alcohol abuse that I am now serving thirteen years to life in state prison (Note: this sentence is being served within desolate confines of the Security Housing Unit, A.K.A The S.H.U., My S.H.U sentence has been regulated to indefinite terms, solely because of my political beliefs.)

It is with this initiative, that I make the demand of the New Afrikan Communities (communities in general), that we stop being victims of such toxic poisons (alcohol) and begin to heal our communities by taking the necessary steps forward. We need to heal, take action and express a critical voice towards this liquid monster of destruction. If inclined to make such a dedicated commitment, the following resources are warranted by necessity:

§ P.O. Box Holders
§ Web Sites Owners
§ People that are able to make photocopies
§ Typists
§ Distributors

And more importantly, your valuable time/energy to aid this initiative time/energy to aid this initiative to an immediate life form and not just another much needed proposal that is prone to fall on deaf ears!

For more information contact me at:
Kijana Tashiri Askari

s/n Marcus Harrison H54077

KVSP B2-101L
P.O. Box 5102
Delano, CA 93216

“Agitate, Propagate, Motivate, Educate to Liberate…Tashiri”

© Marcus Harrison 2007

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